Dave Domina Responds to DOS KXL Decision

People universally fail to understand the nuances behind the KXL Pipeline. I have been involved in this matter on behalf of landowners in Nebraska for over 4 years.

Our case is presently before the Nebraska Supreme Court and the Department of State is on hold pending its outcome. Only, TransCanada, the company behind this tar sands pipeline to China is to blame for the KXL delay. Our fight has been about defending the Constitution and protecting landowner property rights and individual liberties. The District Court agreed with us that the Constitution had been violated.

Had TransCanada not tried to short-circuit our Constitution and extract political favors, this project would have likely been completed long ago. In 2011, I asked, why don’t they just obey our laws and if they are to gain approval to build their pipeline then build it parallel to the one they already have? These questions remains unanswered.